Having relationships adds meaning to your life, boosts your self-esteem and helps you cope with stress. Whether you’re dealing with work stress, fighting with a sibling or the daily grind of paying the bills, having a supportive community and healthy family can make all the difference in your quality of life.

Relationships are important to everyone and can occur in many forms. The term relationship can refer to any kind of interaction you have with another person or group, including those that are casual, formal, open, monogamous or nonmonogamous. It can also refer to a specific type of relationship, such as an intimate partner, friend or acquaintance or a civil union.

Intimate relationships involve a high degree of closeness and emotional attachment. This usually includes physical intimacy, such as kissing, cuddling and sleeping together. However, a romantic relationship can be just as healthy without physical intimacy. Intimate relationships can also include activities like cooking together, attending sporting events and traveling. Regardless of the level of intimacy, the most important element is that both people feel they are part of a team and they are on the same page about their priorities and expectations.

Friendships are more casual, and they may or may not involve romance. You can also have relationships with work colleagues or other acquaintances, but these are generally more situational and short-term. In some cases, you may have a relationship with yourself, such as when you treat yourself with respect and care for your own needs.

A family relationship is a long-term commitment to someone that encompasses both biological and emotional bonds. Family members share responsibilities and provide mutual support. They also help you learn how to be a good parent and teach you the importance of respecting others. Family relationships can be difficult when members have conflicting values or lifestyles, but they can also be a source of strength and comfort.

Having strong, supportive friendships and romantic relationships can improve your ability to deal with stress. They can even boost your immune system and improve your overall mood. People in loving relationships are less likely to experience depression and anxiety than those who are widowed, single, divorced/separated or in low-quality marriages.

Having a solid support system can also enable you to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams. You are more likely to take risks and follow your passions when you know you have a network of people who will cheer you on when you win and support you through your misfortunes.

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