Home improvement covers a broad range of home renovation projects, including adding rooms or changing the layout of existing ones. It can also include repairing or replacing items such as doors, windows, roofing and siding. Some home improvements may be done by professionals, but many can be completed by the homeowner.

In addition to increasing the resale value of your home, making upgrades can improve its overall function while you’re living in it. But not all home improvement projects are created equal, and it’s important to understand how to choose the right project for your goals and budget. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular home improvement projects, how they stack up in terms of return on investment and the different methods you might use to pay for them.

Whether you’re thinking about fixing up your first home or renovating your current one, you have a lot of decisions to make. From choosing the best paint color to picking out the perfect cabinetry, it can be difficult to know which home improvements will provide the highest return on your investment. To help you navigate the world of home renovation, we spoke with Courtney Klosterman, a homeowner insights expert at Hippo, to get her tips on the best DIY projects for maximum impact.

From painting to re-grouting tile, these simple DIY projects can add real value to your home. With a little sweat equity and some handyman skills, you can make your house feel like new without going into debt or emptying your savings account. Plus, many of these projects can be completed in just a few hours.

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