Throughout history, journalism has been a form of knowledge, and Pulitzer’s journalism has been a model for multistage theater. The advent of television, lobbyists, and special interest groups have increased the scope and complexity of the drama in news reporting. Today’s reporters and editors have many more actors and conflicts to manage than ever before. Fortunately, there are many ways to tell the stories of the day and make your news more interesting and engaging.

Journalism as a form of knowledge

A growing number of journalists see journalism as a form of knowledge, and are redefining their role to reflect this shift. As the storehouse of human knowledge grows by the day, journalists need to take full advantage of this resource. While it’s true that more information is available to them than ever before, the pressures of speed and deadlines make reflective reporting difficult. While knowledge is critical in longer form and slower paced reporting, journalists who need to file stories quickly must rely on their own knowledge to produce a meaningful story.

The role of journalists as knowledge brokers is crucial. By critically examining and presenting alternative interpretations of research and science, journalists are essential knowledge brokers. They can help readers to judge whether controversial claims are outliers or the norm, and they can also make them aware of the mechanisms and institutions that govern the scientific method. By revealing these processes, journalists can help the public to make better decisions about how science is conducted. Journalism can also serve as a corrective for failures in science.


While journalism is a business, it has its ethical obligations. Its journalists must maintain a sense of allegiance to the citizenry and the public interest. It must present an accurate picture of all constituent groups in society, even when it means ignoring some. The modern news industry holds that credibility builds a loyal audience and a healthy economy. Consequently, it should treat its audience as valuable as possible. Principles of news are an important part of a news organization’s business strategy.

The first paragraph of a news story should mention the main object, subject, and concern of the story. It may be a prime minister, a lead actor in a movie, or a recognized celebrity. Next, the writer must mention the five Ws and one H, which are who, what, when, where, and why. Then the writer should give the how and why. These are the three basic principles of newswriting.


In the world of journalism, examples of news articles range from a short news article to a long, in-depth magazine piece. These stories can illustrate the kind of readers that you want to target and are examples of critical thinking and comprehension. Some examples of news articles are brief newspaper summaries, which describe a news story in a nutshell. The following examples show various ways you can write a short news article. For more information, you can visit the Merriam-Webster website.

A newspaper article is different from an essay, as it is focused on facts. Most news articles start with a “leading” sentence that is designed to grab the reader’s attention and interest. Unlike an essay, a news article is not written in paragraphs, but instead is arranged like a story. The leading sentence of a newspaper article is intended to grab the reader’s attention and entice the reader. The body of a news article is usually much shorter than the paragraphs of an essay.

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