What Is News and Why Is It Important?


News is information about events, people or things happening in the world. People read newspapers, watch TV and listen to the radio to get informed about what is going on around them and in the world. Traditionally, news was transmitted orally and was passed on from one person to another but today technology has allowed this information to be delivered more quickly. It has also allowed people to access and publish information themselves.

The purpose of news is to inform and educate its audience. The information can be about anything which is relevant to a society such as politics, religion, crime, the economy, agriculture, science and education. It can also be about culture, fashion and entertainment.

Often news is about human interest stories which involve wars, disasters and natural catastrophes. These types of events have a strong impact on people and can change their lives. Other events which make the news are changes to laws and policies, court cases and sporting achievements. It can also be about money or power such as bankruptcies, fortunes made and lost, compensation claims, pay rises and government budget cuts.

People are interested in controversies and conflict such as arguments, charges and counter-charges, strikes and fights. They are also interested in the lives of famous people and things that are unusual or unexpected. Crime stories which are serious, unusual or have an impact on people also generate public interest.

A good news article will contain all the relevant facts. This is essential for an impartial, objective report. It will be followed by background information, expert opinions and different viewpoints which help the reader to understand what is being reported. It will also have a good concluding statement which is sometimes a restatement of the lead or a summary of what could happen next.

It is important to check all facts in a news story, especially those which are new or unusual. An incorrect fact can undermine the whole article and cause mistrust in the reader. If possible, have someone else read the article to check for mistakes.

It is also essential to include information about the source of the news. This can be done by quoting the person from whom the information came or by giving the name of the organization which provided the information. This is an important part of journalism ethics and it demonstrates that the reporter has investigated the story and has not just gathered information from the Internet. It can also encourage readers to seek further information from a reliable source. This will help them make more informed decisions about their actions and the world in which they live. It will also allow them to contribute to the discussion about the issues raised by the news report. This is a key function of democracy.

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